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about us

Alpha 9 Dog Training is an Arlington, Texas (DFW), and Atlanta, Georgia based company. Established in 2012, we are proud to be in our 6th successful year! Alpha 9 focuses on teaching boundaries through commands such as: heel, sit, down, stay and come. We engage all demeanor and boundary issues from basic puppy behavior (jumping, play biting, barking, chewing, digging, potty training, etc.), all the way to more extreme behaviors like anxiety & aggression. We also offer advanced obedience for your off-leash needs, along with protection & attack on command.


Our trainers, Jerad "Marshall" and Dylan, have been working with and training dogs since 2009, with hundreds of satisfied clients. Apprenticing under a 30-year Master Trainer, Marshall and Dylan acquired the skills and knowledge of decades of experience. Alpha 9 is patient, kind, direct, and effective. We will explain and demonstrate, in great detail, how to work through any issue you may have. Marshall and Dylan are very talented at tailoring their training and teaching techniques to the needs of the client, and the dog. You could not have a better trainer!

Hello! I'm your trainer, Jerad Marshall, my friends call me Marshall. I look forward to working with you and your pup!

Hello! I'm your trainer, Jerad Marshall, my friends call me Marshall. I look forward to working with you and your pup!



Our Services


2 week Boarding & Training bootcamp


While not all dogs require a two week vacation from home, this is one of the most beneficial ways to train your dog. We do the majority of the work, teaching your dog all required commands, doing each command the very first time told, getting him or her able to do a loose-leash walk/ sitting automatically when not moving, addressing all boundary issues your pup may have, and even protection. This is very much so tailored to the specific needs of both you and your dog.  No two dogs are the same.

*Some dogs do take more than 2 weeks for basic obedience, in the instance that we recommend your pup stay an extra week, don't worry: there is no extra charge.

3 week day-training

The 3 Week Day-Training program is our most accelerated program. This consists of dropping off your pup three days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - for three weeks, and picking up at an arranged time. At the end of each day, we will do a 10-15 minute lesson, each Thursday you will be given homework for the weekend. At the end of the 3rd week, you have successfully completed basic obedience. You may then jump into advanced obedience, if you should so desire.


advanced obedience

Advanced obedience is for those who wish to have their dog be 100% off-leash trained. Advanced obedience is done through private lessons, either following the 2 Week Boarding & Training "Boot Camp" package, the 3 Week Day-Training package, or Private Lessons package. Advanced obedience focuses on increasing skill and difficulty of training, with the ultimate goal of never having to use a leash, except where the law requires one.


Scheduled in advance, we offer daycare services if you ever need someone to take Rover off your hands for the day!

*Only available for training clients, and training clients' friends & family.

private lessons

Private lessons can be purchased either individually, or as a package. We help you to teach your dog all commands, and to do them the first time - happily. We also address all boundary issues (jumping, biting, barking, etc.), leash walking, proper socialization techniques, etc.

*This is not an option for any aggression issues.

Puppy Training

Puppies are typically able to complete basic obedience in either of the three programs that we offer. We socialize all dogs, both with people, and other dogs. When it comes to potty training, we help schedule your dog(s) metabolism, and shape behavior to get your pup on the right track and promote successful potty training! Obedience Training is about having a more well-rounded, happy life with your dog, with healthy boundaries. Confidence will increase, and so will the bond between the two of you!


Protection training

Protection training is for those who wish to have their dog be able to activate aggression and protection, 100% by command. Dogs are taught to "turn on" aggression by command, displaying protective barking, and will bite any who enter the "No-Go" zone, and to "turn off" aggression by command, returning to his or her natural state of relaxation and happiness. Protection training is great for countering already existing aggression, or if you just want a more protective dog. This program is only available as an add-on to the 2 Week Boarding & Training Program.

*This does not make your dog aggressive on a regular basis. This is by command only. When not under protective command, dogs are their normal loving selves. 


Boarding is only available for training clients, and their family/ friends.


Private Walk

Scheduled in advance, we will send a familiar face out to walk your dog for you.

*Only available for training clients. Walks are between 20 & 30 minutes, weather permitting.

Our experience with Alpha 9 Dog Training was life changing. Jerad has infinite knowledge to share about dog behavior/training that proved successful for us.... Alpha 9 Dog Training gave me the knowledge I needed to achieve the goals I had for Emma and Christopher. When you know do better!!!! Jerad and Alpha 9 Dog Training come highly recommended from this grateful and satisfied client!
— Curry Mura




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